The "Freedom" of being a business owner ONLY comes with a kickass team!

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For less than $500 a year, you can be access the entire Boss Actions membership, its one of a kind community and set yourself up as a Founding Member and lifelong great BOSS!

Be among the first Boss Members for as low as $495!

The Boss Actions Community has the experience, the connections and the resources to help you build your best team!  

* Wondering how to find good people?  

* Want advice on when to shift an independent contractor to an employee? 

* Maybe you just need a safe space to go to when your best employee blindsides you with a new job...outside of your company? 

* Looking to find specific answers on how others hire a great team member?

  • It is time to make THE SHIFT within your own role of your business to give yourself the Freedom you deserve! It is time for Boss Actions! 
  •   A Boss Actions Membership paves your way to becoming the Boss you were meant to be with the..

  • Freedom to work on the pieces you want. Freedom to take vacations - yes, more than 1 a year! Freedom to build YOUR ideal lifestyle with scaling profits.  

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What This Membership Has to Offer

Join other Boss Members as we build up your experience, tools and internal processes to hire, grow and confidently lead your dream team.  

 As a Boss Actions Member, you receive a community of entrepreneurs and business owners that are working through the same path of growth, hiring and people management as you! Freedom comes only with a Kickass team! Throughout different stages of your company, your team may be comprised of vendors, independent contractors or employees. Ideally, your team will grow to working with all of the above! This success requires best practices and skill sets that most passionate, mission driven business owners have not had a chance to experience and develop...until now!  

Think of our group as your own mastermind that will share favorite employee policies, software tools and hiring tricks. Talmar It Up delivers content that sets your company up for success. The best part is we are here to talk you off of the ledge during flash moments when any one of your team leaves you with that floor-falling-out-from-underneath-you feeling. Together, we progressively build up the layers of your hiring and management processes. THIS IS THE PATH to your kickass team! You are not alone in this.  


Access to other entrepreneurs and business owners working though the "people side" of their business. Boss experience share required!


The Boss Action team will ensure that the group stays on topic, is responsive and continually finding new ways to challenge each member to embrace the FUN that can come with being a great Boss. This will not be a hater-aid space!


Talmar Anderson goes live to answer submitted questions and attendee challenges. Want answers to your business and team challenges, here is your chance to hear from Talmar directly!


Talmar interviews experts for Members to grow knowledge and understanding on hiring & managing your peeps. From technical payroll questions, to negotiating and performance reviews, Boss Actions will deliver content that layers into your own processes.


Members receive FULL access to the Boss Actions library of video recordings of scripted example answers for employee management, checklists and guides as developed by Talmar It Up to help build up your internal hiring and management processes. The best part...this library is always growing! We are committed to keeping up with changing Boss needs!


Sure TODAY we are starting on Facebook as a closed group but our Boss Actions website launches at the end of March 2018 AND the Boss Actions app is in development! If you are mobile is your Boss community.

From designing your first hire to your "day to day" management best practices, THIS is where Boss Actions are discussed, shared and inspired! 

Working with Talmar It Up has been extremely helpful as I shift my company workflows and grow my team. Having guidance through the resume selection, recommendations through the interview question design and a place to discuss follow up before a job offer has been reassuring and beneficial. Talmar’s insights on managing specific people and their experiences have been spot on.

Lenny Berger - The Handy Mensch

After two bad hires, I knew something had to change - and Talmar was just the person to do it. She swooped in and helped me set up a hiring process that not only ensures I bring the best people on board but also have plenty more in my back pocket when I need to scale quickly. I have also turned to her community for management advice when I'm facing a prickly or downright awful situation. Their fantastic advice has given me the confidence to move forward and make smart business decisions. Thanks Talmar - you've been a godsend!

Monika Jansen - jansen Communications

Who's the Boss?

“I am on a mission -- to help small businesses owners and entrepreneurs rock at hiring and managing their peeps. I want you to know that the “Freedom” of being a business owner ONLY comes with a kickass team."

— Talmar Anderson Boss / Founder, Talmar It Up

And RIGHT NOW you will be joining as a Founding Member

Love being first? Then you will love that this Membership offer is brand spanking new! And because I know that you are ready, by JOINING NOW I have some exciting and fun ways Boss Actions gets to acknowledge your quick decisions!

  •  Founding Member Level - From special badging to exclusive offers and special pricing, being a founding member has it's exclusive benefits for as long as you maintain your membership!
  • Locked in introduction rates for a full year!
  • 2 - Live and interactive Webinars for Founding Members ONLY every year.


  • EXCLUSIVE access to the Boss Actions Master Offer Negotiator mini-course AND Certification!  

This mini-course goes live July 15, 2018 and very specifically walks you through the options when it comes to structuring offers for your key members. Once you complete this course you will receive the Boss Actions Master Offer Negotiator Certification. ****This will only be offered to our Boss Actions Founding Members.****

There is no better time to sign up than RIGHT NOW! Stop trying to go it alone. Remember, part of being a Boss is ensuring you are sourrounded by the people that can help you find the answers you don't already know yourself!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

No questions asked, no hassles, no problems!

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